NISSAN TIIDA 2006 for Sale

Pre Inspected

$5,400 NZ

*Nissan Tidda* 2006
Nice Sedan
Only one owner in NZ.
*Low KMS -65643* .
Regularly Serviced. Last full comprehensive service done on 2nd August.
Wof & Rego till September 2019 but if needed new Wof & Rego can be done for new owner.
Nearly new Tyre from Bridgestone. Still in warranty.
Got JVC music system with USB& Bluetooth support.
Mechanically perfect car no problem at all.
Just got few scratches as shown in the photo.
Test Drive welcome. If interested please flick me a message.

Brake Efficiency
Under Bonnet
Under Body
Tyre Condition
All ok


Price $5,400 NZ
Kilometers 65,600 km
Color Silver
Transmission Automatic
Seller Full Name Sachin Patel


Year 2006
Transmission Type Automatic
Seller Full Name Sachin Patel

How does it drive All ok
Drive smoothly
Rattle/noise All ok
No abnormal noise
Smoke from exhaust All ok
No smoke noticed
Heater Aircon All ok
working normal
Dash Warning Lights All ok
No light
Abs All ok
Airbag All ok
Speedo Operation All ok
Working condition
Wiper Operation Needs Attention
Wipers Smeary
Front Left All ok
Front Right All ok
Rear Left All ok
Rear Right All ok
Service Sticker All ok
All ok
Mirror Adjustment All ok
Working condition
Bonnet And Boot Release All ok
Both working condition
Upholstery Stains/Damage All ok
Upholstery in good condition
Seatbelts All ok
Seat belt operating smoothly/seat belt lock working
Panel Damage Needs Attention
Rust All ok
No corrosion
Lights All ok
All working conditions
Cambelt due All ok
No immediate replacement required
Timing chain.
Battery condition Urgent Attention
Load Tests Poor
Listen to engine All ok
No abnormal noise noticed
Radiator Coolant Condition All ok
all ok
Radiator Water Level All ok
all ok
Oil Level All ok
all ok
Oil Leaks All ok
No oil leakage
Exhaust All ok
Perfect condition
Suspension All ok
Perfect condition
Cv Joints All ok
Perfect condition
Wheel Bearings All ok
Perfect condition
Visual Brakes Front Needs Attention
right front outer pad
3/4 Worn Approx
Visual Brakes Rear All ok
Perfect condition
Engine Oil/Water Leaks All ok
No leakage
Front Right Tyre 7 mm
Front Left Tyre 7 mm
Rear Right Tyre 7 mm
Rear Left Tyre 7 mm


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