How are we different than other players in the New Zealand Market?

A: Our passion for creating an honest platform with 100% transparency to efficiently buy and sell pre-owned cars, is what differentiates us from others. The details asked for and mentioned while listing your car, is checked by a highly professional and recognised Mechanic to make sure all the points mentioned are valid, accurate and credible, thereby increasing transparency and reassurance for the buyer. 

Q. What is HooHoop?

A: In a nutshell, Hoohoop is an online marketplace purpose designed for Kiwi’s to make the selling and buying process of cars more simplistic and transparent, therefore giving you the confidence you deserve with your asset and investment!

Q. How easy it is to list my car in

A: Listing your car for sale in HooHoop is simple and transparent. Just follow the below steps.   

    1. Register completing the simple, user friendly form in the ‘log in/register’ section.  

    2. Await approval from the HooHoop Admin Team (Within 24 hours) 

    3. Head to the ‘sell your car’ section. Enter your car’s plate number 

    4. Fill in all details to the best of your knowledge and upload the images

5. Book your car into the nearest certified Mechanic to carry out a pre-inspection


6. Select and make payment

7. Once your car is checked by a mechanic, you will receive a confirmation email that

your car has been published on

Q. Is it mandatory to book an appointment with one of our associated certified Mechanics?

A: Yes. By booking an appointment with a mechanic, you are reserving your dedicated slot to be catered to by the mechanic. In the case of dropping in at any of the Pit Stop stores without having an appointment booked, you will be asked to book one on the spot. This will lead to unnecessary wastage of time and efforts which we tend to try and avoid.

Q. What types of cars can be listed on

A: There are no restrictions regarding listing any sort of cars, in which are available in New Zealand. You can even list: Hatchback, Sedan, MPV, SUV, Crossover, Coupe, and even convertibles on the website.

Q. How to make an online payment; do you save our credit/debit card details?

A: You can pay online using any credit/debit, visa or master-card. Internet banking is also available if this suits your needs. We do not save any information about your card; and all the information processed is fully encrypted.

Q. What if I want to know more about the car?

A: We request and ask the seller when they are going through the process of uploading the details a holistic overview of what the buyer would be looking to see, so when complete these details are available in the public domain. If you need additional details; you can make a query from the car description page directly to the car owner to seek clarification if required.

Q. How can one apply to become a mechanic at HooHoop?

A: You can sign-up to, while accepting terms of conditions mentioned on the website. You will get a confirmation call from one of the HooHoop team to verify the information. Once/if approved, your details will be published on

Q. Can I take a test drive of the car?

A: Why not? Seeing is believing! We encourage you to take a test drive by requesting for a test drive directly from the website. You can determine a convenient schedule that works for both parties to take the car for a spin!

Q. What is your selling plan refund policy.

A:  For refund policy please check

Q. How do I get in touch with

A:  You can call us on (021) 114-3347 or email us at

Alternatively, you can contact us through private message on our HooHoop Facebook Page.