Why Us?

HooHoop is an online platform which helps you buy and sell pre-inspected second hand cars. We have teamed up with the 4 Pit Stop branches in Christchurch, where a number of professional and well sought after mechanics are there to help the seller to comprehensively examine their car, when booked through HooHoop via the ‘sell your car’ section.

What we do….

We only list and sell pre-examined second hand vehicles. We provide an easy and stress-free option for you to purchase or sell a vehicle. We take all those doubts away and give you the confidence and trust that you should feel!

Why HooHoop?

Our pre-examined certificate makes it easier for you as the buyer to know the real condition of the car and most significantly, it builds up the trust between the buyer and seller. We have numerous car experts around the Christchurch area who physically check and provide their professional certification, about the overall condition of the vehicle. This certificate is accessible online so you as the potential buyer can see exactly the condition of the car you may be potentially looking to purchase.

We don’t just sell vehicles here at HooHoop, we promote stress-free joyful trading..


(Pit Stop Mechanic)

Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch

Matt has been in the industry for many years and is an expert with car’s and all things mechanical. He is the “go to” man for many of his long standing customers.

(Pit Stop Mechanic)

Sydenham, Christchurch

Brent has 16 years of experience in the automobile industry. He is passionate and takes pride in producing the best results for his trusted customers.

(Pit Stop Mechanic)

Burnside Area, Christchurch

Wayne is a reliable and technically skilled Auto Mechanic, in which he offers well-rounded diagnostic and repair expertise, along with a reputation for quality, honesty and integrity.

Kylie + Manna

New Brighton, Christchurch

Kylie and Mana have over 15 years of knowledge and experience in customer service, in which they are both passionate and set high expectations to help you as the client to achieve the outcome you desire.

Leighton (Marketing)

Hoon Hay, Christchurch

Leighton brings expertise around social media and marketing, having been a big factor behind the social media success of Canterbury Weather Updates, bringing more than 90,000 followers to the page.